Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during the shoot?

The session will be fun, spontaneous, and relaxed, however often times fast-paced. Sometimes I make odd requests, but I think outside the box. I want to make sure that every session is individualized and in the end, you are thrilled with the final images!

What should we wear?

This is probably the most asked question I receive, so I’ve decided to break down the answer by category in order to be the most thorough.

Children: The clothing should be season appropriate. In the summer bright bold colors can be fun and in the fall and winter, more muted colors are recommended. I LOVE hats as props all year around and hats of any style (newsboy, fedoras, cowboy hats, knit hats for winter, etc.) Also props can be fun and also help your child feel at ease, especially if it’s something they’re familiar with. Great examples include stuffed animals, lollipops, bandannas, Popsicles, watermelon, ice cream cones, wagons, cowboy boots, scarves, and tutus, to name just a few. No sneakers. Keep the shoes neutral, unless they are the focal point or prop.

Newborn: The best time to schedule a shoot is before your baby is born. I like to shoot newborns between 1-10 days. The smaller…..the better. Prop ideas for newborns include stuffed animals, personalized diaper cover (for girls), and knit hats. I also have my own assortment of newborn props as well. Mom, dad and siblings should wear black or white long sleeve shirts. I like to do newborn shots inside, for the most part, so the location would need to include a larger window that is preferably north-facing for lots of light.

Families: Please don’t over analyze what to wear for a family photo. There are just several rules to keep in mind.
1. Keep it simple. No loud patterns or large logos.
2. Pick 1-3 colors and stick with those.
3. If all else fails, lay everything out and just make sure it doesn't clash. I know that sounds obvious, but it’s a great rule to keep in mind when making the final decision.

Couples: With an engagement shoot you can go two ways. The feel can be very casual and fun or more chic and sexy (or a little of both if you prefer). It totally depends on you and the look you’re going for. The goal in an engagement session, as well as all sessions, is for your personalities to shine through and especially in this case, your excitement and closeness as a couple. Flowers can be a fun prop (especially in the spring or summer) and of course, the ring!

What is the best location for our session?

I am an on-location photographer and prefer to shoot where you feel most comfortable. I want to ensure you are at complete ease with me and with your environment as well. This could mean at your home, a local park, or another favorite spot you enjoy. When shooting outside, a cloudy/overcast day is best. If it’s a bright sunny day, an open shaded area works best. When shooting indoors a large natural light source is needed (ie., a large window). I know that’s all very specific, but great lighting is essential!

Where is the best place to buy clothes for the shoot?

I find some of the cutest clothes for kids sessions at, but of course not limited to, the following places:
The Gap
The Children’s Place
Janie and Jack

Where can I find props?

My favorite place for hats, scarves, or anything handmade is Etsy.

"Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true."
~Jacques-Henri Lartique